May 10th 2020 Sunday Message - "St John the apostle day"

Rev. P.V.Shibu

3rd May Sunday Message - "Human participation in divine plan"

Rev. P.V.Shibu

Sunday Message - April 26th 2020

"Invitation to Christ's Hospitality" - Messsage - Rev P. V.Shibu

Sunday Message: ക്രിസ്തു നമുക്ക് കര്‍ത്താവും ദൈവവും

Rev. P. V. Shibu

Karuthalin Shabdham

Music: Rachel Jose, Lyrics: Rachel Jose, Orchestration: Rejo Jacob

There have been difficult situations wherein we have experienced God's love in our lives. In both the good and bad times we have felt his presence and care for us; so let us all joyfully sing and wor…