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"Even to your old age, I am He, And even to gray hairs I will carry you! I have made, and I will bear; Even I will carry, and will deliver you" Isaiah 46:4

Senior Citizen's Pellowsphip St Peters Mar Thoma parish,Pune When a person attains the age of sixty years he/she le crowned es a Sensor Citizen and become. entitled for various concessions and privileges. in the mean time he/she becomeo vulnerable to various diseases and Infirmities also. Senior Citizen's Fellowahip in St PeterS Mar Thome Parish was born in October 2003 and is functioning as one of the organleationi.of the Church.

The aim of this Organisation is to encourage senior members of the Church to pursue an active lite style, both spiritual and phyeicaloo that the age related problems can be kept at bay to a great extent.

Special prayer meetings after Sunday Services, short Qurbana service on special occasionm,arra- ngements to enable Senior Citizens to attend and enjoy periodical camp life in a home away from holae,visitm to sick and weak membera who are un- able to make it to the Church to attend the Holy Communion Services. arranging picnics whenever le feasible are the main activities embarked upon by the iellowship. In addition,one Sunday in a year is invariably celebrated as Senior Citizen's Day when for the curbana,Vicar of the Parish is assisted exclusively by Senior Citizens. On that daynthe youths of the raridh voluntarily interact with the elders by offering gifts and Rose buds. The Senior Citizen's Fellowship functions un- der the Presidentship of the Tier of the Parish and a zCommittee elected by the General Body. The Organisation is bestowed with the recogn-- ition of the Bombay Diocese.

The Fellowship,on this occasion *extend their hearty congratulations to thir beloved Theodocious Thirnmeni who has completed thirty years of Bpiscpal service as also seventy years of age.

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