Welcome Q4 2023

Dear Parish members, It’s a proud moment for each Indian to learn the success news of the Indian Space Craft Chandrayan 3, the Spacecraft was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre on 14th July 2023, the mission consists of a lunar lander named Vikram and a lunar rover named Pragyan. The spacecraft entered lunar orbit on 5 August, and the lander touched down near the Lunar South Pole on 23 August at 18:03 IST, making India the fourth country to successfully land on the Moon, and the first to do so near the lunar south pole. It is indeed the Hard work of the The team of ISRO worked day and night for this achievement under the leadership of its Chief Mr. S. Somanath, the victory is indeed an achievement for each Malayali Community also as the ISRO Chief Hails from Cherthala in Kerala. May ISRO get to explore the Lunar South Pole which can provide help for our mission in the space in the coming future. Lies ahead are three months brimming with activities in our parish. MTVEA Sunday, Youth Sunday, Family Sunday and Annual Convention, World Sunday School Day, Unity Sunday, Sabha dinam, Harvest, Christmas Carol Service, Watch Night Service etc. are some of the highlights of this quarter. The Theme for this quarter is Family: God's Divine Design. We all know that family is an institution that is formed by God. It’s a Covenantal relation between two families, family is not ordinary but a Divine Design of God. Each family is selected by God to provide love, support, and a sense of belonging to each other.

On the 1st of October night 10:30 pm onwards we are planning for a Whole night Prayer which will wind up at 6:30 am on the 2nd of October, the whole night prayer revival meeting will be a blessing for each member of our parish. On 8th & 15th October we will be hosting our Area-wise Singing Competition & Bible Quiz Competition. This is a healthy competition in which our parish members look forward prayerfully to participate with enthusiasm and determination, May God Bless each one of our members. On 14th October we will be hosting KOLOLTSAVAM the Cultural Evening, Kaloltsavam is an event that brings parish members together to showcase their God-given talent. An evening that adds meaning to our gathering, this year the Annual Area Prayer Meeting was conducted in each prayer group where members of each prayer group showcased their God Gifted Talent, it was a time when we found lots of Hidden Talents of our members which did add flavor to the meeting, praising God for the immense talents our members are blessed with. On 22nd October we will be Celebrating our 80th Parish Day, a day to thank God for guiding us thus far in this land. Our parish day this year will be graced with the presence of Rt Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa.

On November 12th our parish VBS will be conducted till the 15th of November, it’s a time for our Sunday School kids to study the Word of God along with new songs and make new friends. VBS is a ministry in which many children submit themselves to serve God, May this year VBS be a blessing for our Sunday School Children In the month of November this year, each parish member will be assigned with a family outside their prayer group to visit, it’s a time expected to renew our relationship with our parish members spend good time with each other, and conduct family prayer. This meeting will help us to have a more strong bond with each family. From November 20th onwards till November 26th we will be Celebrating Family Week, area wise family prayer meetings and worship will be conducted. Nov 23rd to Nov 26th we will be having our Annual Convention this year, Conventions are a time for our Spiritual growth which will deepen our relationship with God, it’s a time to rejuvenate ourselves through the word of God. May this year's Convention lead each one of us to Rebuild, Restore, and Renew, ourselves to be a Reformed being.

December is a month of Carol Rounds, Christmas Carol Service, Christmas Service, and the Watch Night Service. All these services give us the message of the birth of Christ. The Theme of Christmas is Christmas: A Journey from CRIB to CROSS & CROWN. Christmas teaches us the story of Jesus born in the Crib who was called to live for his people and thereafter to Embrace the Cross through which Christ will receive the CROWN of victory over evil.


In Christ,
Rev. Sam K Mathew