Our Anxiety, Our Fears, Our Hope in the Lord!

Dearly beloved in Christ,
This to bring our prayers and cheers to every one of you who are at home. I know that it is difficult for many of us to stay away from social activities, community worship, and fellowship. At this moment of anxiety and fear, it is all the more difficult. But please note that God Almighty is in total control of the situation. Although we face a lot of inconveniences, there are some positive things happening in our life and the world.

1. Fear of God and a temporary halt to the rat race of life. All human aggression, cheating, and competition have come to a temporary halt.
2. Our belief that our efforts produce resources for our life. Corona like an epidemic reminds us that science, technology and modern inventions alone are not sufficient for life, rather there is the requirement of God’s grace and blessings to sustain life.
3. Three months back when the world wanted a halt on environmental abuse, some of the world leaders and developed nations were reluctant to Cooperate. All those who understand the need for environmental recovery watched this with great disappointment. But, now, God has brought a reason for shutdown and it is a blessing for the environment. Thank God for the same.
4. We take church life casual and granted. However, God reminds us that it is not an option, rather happens only at the mercy and providence of God. Now he will decide when we’ll reopen our churches to worship God and enjoy the fellowship of each other.
5. All those who failed to give time for their families will have ample time to spend time with their family members, to dine with them, to pray with them and communicate with them.

I can add many more items to the list. But the important thing is, do not lose hope. Believe in God and his almighty purposes.

Before concluding, let me remind all those who want to pay their dues before 31st March, our trustees are working every day. You can still issue a cheque or do an electronic transfer. Please contact them or Vicar, if you need any help in this regard. Miss you all! Remember you all in our prayers.

In Christ,
Rev. Shibu P Varghese