Website Launch

Dearly beloved in Christ,,

I am very happy to present the parish website to you all. It has been a long dream of our parish to build an integrated website for enhancing the communication to reach out to our members living in Pune and abroad. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Executive committee, and the parish Digital committee consisting of Mr. John George, Mr. Sumith M. Idicula, and Mr. Mon C. Varghese for the timely decisions and advices. Our special appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Anu Mathew Varghese and Sibu Stephen who voluntarily came forward to develop the Software in the present format. May God continue to help them to build the second phase of the website with more features.

Let us utilise this platform to develop more participation in the activities of our parish and develop knowledge about our ethos and heritage.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

In Christ,
Rev. Shibu P Varghese